Zen Add-On Products

Zen has several products that support back-up, synchronization and auditing.  All these add-on products work with versions 14 and 15 of Zen Enterprise and Zen Cloud and run on the latest Windows operating environments.

Actian DataExchange Real-Time Backup Edition is optimized for driving data from a production server to a backup. It features high performance one-way replication and simplified setup and configuration. Customers with high-value and time-sensitive data will benefit from the increase data security provide by the Real-Time Backup Edition.

  • Requires Actian Zen v15 Enterprise Server, or Zen Cloud Server v15. DataExchange 15 will not run on older PSQL versions.
  • Includes one DataExchange Real-Time Backup Edition license for use with two Zen database engines (for the primary and the backup). The DataExchange Real-Time Backup Edition engines are restricted to one-way replication, and the replication network is restricted to two databases.
  • Licensed per server. No user count required.
  • License keys for DataExchange can be used with either 32- or 64-bit versions of DataExchange 15.

Actian DataExchange Data Synchronization Edition is designed to support two-way replication for a network of multiple Actian Zen databases. DataExchange Data Synchronization Edition is the ideal solution for keeping a consistent set of data across multiple applications and locations.

  • Includes one DataExchange Data Synchronization Edition license for use with a single Zen database engine.
  • A DataExchange Data Synchronization Edition license is required for each Zen database engine participating  in a replication network. For example, if there are three Zen database engines in a replication network, three DataExchange Data Synchronization licenses are required - one for each Zen database engine.
  • Data Synchronization Edition supports only Btrieve level replication.

Actian AuditMaster monitors and reports on application activity occurring in an Actian PSQL/Zen database. AuditMaster leverages deep-level capture, report and alert technology to enable monitoring of mission-critical data without the high costs of application redevelopment and deployment, database administrator training or continuous maintenance.

  • AuditMaster is licensed per Zen Server. There is no user count.

If you would like to learn more or would like to purchase a license, please email dbcic@actian.com



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