Zen V14 Cloud Server Developers Kit Bundle Item


This Developer Bundle Item cannot be sold separately, you must add the Developers Kit AND ALL Bundle Items to your cart.

The Zen Developer kits are for Actian Zen Development ONLY.  To order the standard products, please return to the prior menu and select Zen Edge, Enterprise, Workgroup, or Cloud Server products. This Developer Bundle includes some key differences from the standard products:

  • License covers the following bundled products for development use only with user count and size limits: 
    - Actian Zen Edge Server, 10-User development only license
    - Actian Zen Enterprise Server, 6-User development only license
    - Actian Zen Workgroup Server, 3-User development only license
    - Actian Zen Cloud Server, 20GB limit development only license
    You will need to download each product separately from the Electronic Software Download site and activate with the appropriately mapped key.

  • License term of one year. The license for the Developer versions of Zen products will automatically expire one year after it is created.

  • More Authorizations and Repairs. The Developer versions of Zen products allow 1000 authorizations and 300 repairs.