Zen v14 Core for Android and iOS


You are purchasing Actian Zen v14 Core for Android and iOS. This product is licensed on a per copy basis. 

Zen Core is nano-footprint (2 MB) embedded edge database for mobile apps, from smart phones to PoS terminals to industrial IoT. It is a stripped down version of the Actian Zen database product, designed to be compiled with your application.

  • Data Portability - Move data from the edge to the cloud and back with no ETL. Zen Core uses the same data types and file format as the rest of the Actian Zen database family. Zen Core files can be read by any Zen database on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Raspbian. 
  • Per Copy Licensing - No user count, no core count. Just copies. Simplest licensing ever.
  • Zero DBA - Like the rest of the Zen family, Zen Core is built for non-IT environments. Perfect for edge computing. Set it and forget it.

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Learn more about Zen at the Actian Zen website.

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