Zen/PSQL v13 Workgroup for Windows - New Installations


READ THIS FIRST! You are purchasing Zen v13 Workgroup New Installation (base license). This product cannot be used as a user count increase.  For deployments above 1000 users, please call for pricing.

If you need to add users to an existing Zen v13 Workgroup installations, click on the links to increase user count for Zen v13 Workgroup, Note: Zen v13 Workgroup is the newest edition of PSQL Workgroup.

The Actian Zen v13 Workgroup Edition provides high performance and data reliability for single- and multi-engine configurations with up to five users.

  • From 1 to 5 concurrent users.
  • Every Workgroup engine and UCI authorization requires a key.
  • Individual Workgroup keys will not authorize more than one system at a time.
  • Individual UCI keys will not authorize more than one system at a time
  • To apply the key to another system, you must first deauthorize it, then reauthorize on the other system.
  • Zen v13 Workgroup includes online defragmentation and support for live migration on virtual machines. Find out more at the Actian Zen website.

Once you've completed purchase of any Zen product, you can then download it from:


Single Engine Installations

If you need single or multiple users accessing one database, purchase a 1, 3 or 5-user Workgroup Edition for installation on a single system and install a Zen v13 Client on each of the other systems. Workgroup will work with both Windows and Linux Clients.  Clients are available at no charge and do not require authorization. To increase the number of concurrent users, purchase a 1 or 2-user UCI and install it on the same system as the Workgroup engine.

Download Clients at no cost here. 

Multi-Engine Installations

When data resides on more than one system in a network it is useful to install multiple Workgroup engines. Multi-engine installations can be made up of single-user Workgroups, multi-user Workgroups or a combination of the two.

Example: If you have data on 3 systems and don't need more than one user per system accessing data, purchase 3 single-user Workgroups. The cost for this configuration is 3 x $100 = $300.

Example: If you have data on 3 systems and require three concurrent users per system (one local and two remote), purchase 3 three-user Workgroups.  The cost for this configuration is 3 x $300 = $900.

To increase the number of users in a multi-Workgroup congfiguration, purchase a UCI for each system in the network where you want to add a user. It is not required that user counts be the same on each system in the network.

Zen Workgroup is a 32-bit engine that is supported on both 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems.