Zen/PSQL v13 Workgroup - User Count Increase


READ THIS FIRST! You are purchasing a Zen v13 Workgroup User Count Increase. User Count Increases can only be used on a system with an existing Zen Workgroup permanent base (New Installation) license.

Click here to purchase a Zen/PSQL Workgroup New Installation license.

Note: Zen v13 Workgroup is the newest version of PSQL Workgroup. Zen v13 Workgroup UCIs will work with existing PSQL v13 Workgroup installations.

  • Every Workgroup engine and UCI authorization requires a key.
  • Individual UCI keys will not authorize more than one system at a time
  • To apply the key to another system, you must first deauthorize it, then reauthorize on the other system.
  • Deauthorizing a permanent base key will also deauthorize all UCI keys on that instance of Zen.

The maximum number of concurrent users for Workgroup is 5. For installations requiring more users, purchase Zen/PSQL Server.

Once you've completed purchase of any Zen product, you can then download it from: