Zen/PSQL v13 Server - All Platforms - User Count Increase


READ THIS FIRST! You are purchasing Zen/PSQL v13 Server User Count Increase for Windows and Linux.  These licenses require an existing Zen/PSQL installation.

Click on the link to purchase a New Installation license for Zen v13 Server.

Actian Zen v13 is the newest version of PSQL Server. Learn more about Actian Zen v13 at the Actian website.

Supports Windows and Linux on Intel. Visit the Actian website for a complete list of operating systems supported

Once you've completed purchase of any Zen product, you can then download it from:


Upgrade pricing is available from PSQL v12, you can find it here.

Upgrade pricing is also available from PSQL v11.  Please contact a Customer Interaction Representative at 800-287-4383 - Option 1 (for Sales) and Option 2 (for Database). Please have the invoice for the product you plan to upgrade. We'll need the information to help you with the upgrade.