Managing Vector and VectorH Installations and Databases


Version: 5.0

You will learn:
At the end of this course you will be able to:
Describe Vector / VectorH architecture and its major components
Install Vector / VectorH
Configure and monitor a Vector / VectorH instance
Create, destroy, maintain and manage Vector / VectorH databases and database objects
Backup and recovery of Vector / VectorH databases
Course Style
This course is aimed at delegates who will be responsible for managing Vector / VectorH instances and databases under Linux or Windows.
It covers all aspects of planning, installing, configuring and managing Vector / VectorH instances and its databases. It also covers all aspects of database administration including: managing database objects such as tables, indexes, applications etc.; data integrity; security; backup and recovery; .
The course employs lectures, demonstrations and practicals to reinforce the course contents. The course does not focus on a particular operating system but uses examples for the Linux and Windows operating systems throughout the course material.

This course is for Database and System Administrators who are responsible for the maintenance of Vector / VectorH databases.

Attendance at the IngresSQL training, or equivalent experience and skill

Key Topics
Concepts and architecture
Support, patches and updates
Hardware requirements
Planning an installation
Installing on Linux
Installing on Windows
Installing in Hadoop
Instance architecture
Tables and schemas
Loading and updating data
Life of a query
Vector / VectorH roadmap