Introduction to the Ingres / ActianX Product and Ingres SQL


Code: IngresSQL
Ingres Version: ActianX (11.0)

You will learn:
At the end of this course you will be able to:
Understand the principles and importance of Relational Databases
Explore each of the principal Ingres database and development tools
Understand the principles and importance of industrial-strength SQL
Make full use of all the retrieval features of Ingres SQL
Make full use of all the data-change features of Ingres SQL
Make full use of all the database-management features of Ingres SQL
Make full use of Ingres Database Procedures, Rules, Events, Integrity features

Course Style
This course provides you with all the knowledge and skill you need to:
use Ingres SQL in your batch interfaces, reporting, ad-hoc querying, applications
undertake the Ingres Application Development and Database Management courses
understand and assess the role of Ingres in your organisation.

It has 3 sections:
day 1 focuses on Ingres principles and hands-on experience of all the Ingres database and development tools;
days 2-4 cover all the essential aspects of Ingres SQL;
day 5 covers Database procedures, rules, events, and integrity features.

The course is a mixture of lecture and demonstrations with hands on practical exercises for all key topics.

Who Should Attend:
This course is an essential prerequisite for anyone undertaking other Ingres training: IngresDBM, OpenROAD, IngresABF, ReportWriter, and Ingres Performance courses.
Others who will benefit from attendance on this course are:
Managers or IT staff who need to understand or assess the Ingres principles, tools and capabilities (for those who only need this, attendance on Day 1 is sufficient).
IT or other staff who need to use Ingres SQL to retrieve or change their database data.
Database or development staff who need to work with Ingres database procedures, rules, events, integrities.

No knowledge of Ingres or SQL is assumed.

Key Topics:

Day 1: Ingres Overview
Introduction to Ingres
Relational Concepts and Ingres
Ingres Basic Tools: ISQL, Tables, QBF, ReportWriter
Ingres Visual Tools: VSQL, IVM, VDBA, IMP
Ingres Development Tools: OpenROAD, ABF/Vision

Day 2-4: Ingres SQL
Controlling output
Restricting rows
Combining Tables
Views, unions and outer joins
Building tables
Inserts, Updates and Deletes
Importing and exporting data from Ingres
Transaction processing

Day 5: Ingres Server SQL
Database procedures
Database Events