DataExchange 13 Real Time Backup


Actian DataExchange Real-Time Backup Edition is optimized for driving data from a production server to a backup. It features high performance one-way replication and simplified setup and configuration. Customers with high-value and time-sensitive data will benefit from the increase data security provide by the Real-Time Backup Edition.

Requires Actian PSQL v13.x Workgroup, Server or Actian PSQL Vx Server 13. DataExchange 13 will not run on PSQL versions prior to v13.

Includes one DataExchange Real-Time Backup Edition license for use with two PSQL database engines (for the primary and the backup). The DataExchange Real-Time Backup Edition engines are restricted to one-way replication, and the replication network is restricted to two databases.

DataExchange 13 is licensed per server. No user count required.

License keys for DataExchange 13 can be used with either 32- or 64-bit versions of DataExchange 13.